No one hires Atlantic because we are perfect; our clients love us because we are forward thinking and we love what we do.

At Atlantic Business Group, our focus is on developing strategy to achieve market leading performances in terms of ROI and customer reach. We are a group of professionals who can assist you with creativity, imagination, and technical savvy to realize practical solutions without compromising the quality.

As we say around here, Atlantic is not a marketing/branding company and certainly not a web design company. We help small and medium businesses tell their story to the market, and that is why we get our "hands dirty" with the actual execution, not just concepts.
We collaborate every day to support a client base across a global network of four continents. Our experience helps us understand our client’s challenges and has allowed us to deliver outstanding business services.

We are a business development firm

Atlantic Business Group focuses exclusively on developing business and marketing solutions for a select group of industries including energy and construction, financial services, healthcare, and non-profits. Our passion is to create remarkable product development solutions for print and online mediums that help our clients succeed.

We brought our experience from our days as Knightbridge Partners and CenterStage/Universal Media since 2010 to offer our clients real solutions, not gimmicks and charming ideas. The brain behind Atlantic Business Group is Eric Obeng Edmonds who has spent the last decade in various functional roles in the energy industry, business consulting, and broadcast media, starting with Global Product Development for the Associated Press in New York. Our team: Ram [Design & Concept], Nahid [Design], JB [Concept], Leo [Design] & Joe [Concept & BD].

The core team hasn't changed, and our value proposition is still the same, even as our service offerings have evolved. We take on projects we care about, and gladly pass on those which we are confident we cannot add value.

In 2014 we partnered with Ink City Press, a copyrights and book publishing company.